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Save unnecessary hassle by getting your prescriptions without any up-front costs!


Focus on building a stronger case for your clients with our hassle-free prescription support.


Spend more time on patient care by eliminating time-consuming calls and paperwork.

Convenience for Patients and Attorneys

We provide personal injury patients the ability to receive their prescription medication with no up-front costs.

How It Works

Activate Your Lien

Sign up now to activate your prescription medication lien for your injury case.

Recieve Your Rx Card

Once approved, your zero up-front cost pharmacy card will be emailed to you.

Choose Your Pharmacy

Take your prescription and Rx card to any of the 60,000+ pharmacies in our network.

Pay When Case Settles

We’ll work with your attorney to resolve the payment out of your settlement proceeds.


Nationwide helped my client get the meds they needed during the litigation process with no up front cost to them. I was able to focus on building a strong case for my client thanks to the help of the good people at Nationwide. Their service was friendly, efficient, and truly valuable for my client who had difficulty paying for meds during the process.

Ralph D.

I was visiting family when I got into a really bad accident that wasn’t my fault. I do not have health insurance so I was having a hard time paying for my prescriptions, but thankfully my attorney signed me up for the Nationwide Rx Card and they took care of all the medication expenses during my case so I didn’t have to worry about how to pay out of pocket. Thank you Nationwide!

Jeremy T.